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Going for Goals - Smart Ways To Get What You Want



Hello and welcome! We're going to talk about how you can truly change your life. Identifying and reaching down to your Core with goal Setting When I first got into the radio business back in the late 80s, I met an amazing woman who became my mentor and she didn't even know it. I immediately identified with this woman and mainly because she took a big interest in my growth. Anyway, her name was Debbie and she was the general manager of the first radio station that I worked at in this career of about over 30 years in broadcast media and selling advertising. And these experiences I would ultimately have in the advertising career of over 30 years. And anyway, our first meeting, about as green as I could be, Debbie took the time to get to know me, which was pretty incredible at the time. In these days of hey, you're another number. I hate to say it, but a lot of businesses lost sight of who and what is working with you. And anyway, Debbie really took the initiative to get to know who I was in a very grand way. Anyway, the drill that she had started me with upon our first meeting was basically she wanted me to sit down and really identify what my goals were. And she made it extremely important to me to understand that professional goals are great, but it's your personal goals that really drive your professional goals because let's face it, the professional part of it is a means to your end of how you want to live your life. And that was her mantra, right? She's like, I want you to do the best you can do here for me, but knowing what drives you at home and what is the most important thing to you is what I want to get to know because that is going to drive your professional goals to do the absolute best that you can do. Anyway, I kind of want to walk you all through basically what I have done for the last 30 years, like clockwork every year. And I'm telling you straight up, it absolutely works. And in our broadcast here, we have provided a full workbook for you to follow along and basically take these suggestions and work alongside. And as you will see in this workbook, you will be tasked with picking someone to share these with because basically, once you write them down, they become like permanently burned in your brain. And once you share them with someone, they make you accountable, which is pretty amazing. Anyway, so let's move on. And if you would like to click on the link to show you to move along with what we're doing here. I'm hoping it will be very helpful in your personal and professional life and let's get going. So first and foremost, like I said, Debbie made me write down my personal goals and it's really important. First and foremost, discover what the most important to you is to achieve personally. Your personal accomplishments and desires dictate your professional drive and the more you focus on what the outcome is you will want your personal life to be, the harder you'll work to see it happened. And again, we call this the means to the end of how you want to live your life. So here are some tips in creating a personal goal for yourself or a list for yourself. Number one, be about as specific as you possibly can. So the more you drill down to what you really want, the more you create that roadmap in your mind of how to get it done. And I'll go into more specifics on that, but don't hold back at all. No goal is considered too outlandish or too high to achieve. In fact, step outside your comfort zone. When I did this, I was living in an apartment with my husband at the time and I wanted a home so badly I could taste it and I was nowhere near getting to that goal. I thought in my mind and I'll describe to you what happened after the first year of really sitting down and doing this. So don't hold back. Be sure to list three months, six months, twelve months and five year goals. This is so important because to identify both short term and long term personal goals, from losing £10 in three months to writing a book within five years and being lofty about it is not out of question. Stretch yourself. So with each goal list actions that you need to take to get there. So even if it's a small action taking little bites of that elephant at a time, it's all about moving forward. So if you have, say, personal goal that you want to take just small action within each week, as long as you are able to check that off on your list, it builds endorphins to continue to move on. And again, once I mentioned before, select someone that you trust to share these goals with. And if you don't trust anyone, put your goals in an envelope and you send them to yourself. You basically literally put a stamp on that envelope and you send it back to yourself because then it is time stamped and you have it on record now in the professional setting as well. Pretty much the same. Your professional goals are those that include excelling at your current position, doing a better job, garnering a bigger paycheck, advancement accolades and perfecting your craft. It also includes striving for a better position as well as feeling more accomplished. And again, your personal with your professional goals. This is really to facilitate the life you want to live. And so super important. And so here are some tips in creating your own professional goal list. Again, be extremely specific. The more you drill down to what you really want, the more you create that roadmap in your mind of how to get it done. I want to increase my sales by 10%. You say next year. Okay, you happen to be in sales like I have been all of my life, and 10% is a good number. A lot of companies ask for more. Some companies ask for less. But anyway, what activity do you need to change to make your time more effective? That's a really good question. How much time are you spending on non effective activity that doesn't really get you to that checkmark where you're making some major strides in increasing those sales. What are your time wasters that you can avoid? Hello, social media, Facebook. I hate to say it, but maybe slice out some time to and believe me, I'm guilty. You get squirrel and you get completely sidetracked on those time wasters. Or you pick up the phone or you're trying to help a friend, which helping friends are great. But sometimes energy suckers like that takes you away from what you really, really want to get accomplished that day. So try to avoid that. And who on my list do I have the biggest opportunity to grow? First? I call it the low hanging fruit. So perhaps you have clients that you've done business in the past. Call them up, ask them if they have any referrals. Make a list of those things that, Holy cow, maybe I could upsell this person, or maybe I could get another order out of this person that would be that low hanging fruit. And don't hold back. No goal is too big. Let me tell you something. Throughout my career, I would push my own envelope. Of course, I wouldn't tell my superiors about that because I wanted to be able to sandbag. Don't tell them I told you this, but I would always have my personal goal that I would write down. And the key is writing all this down, because I'm telling you straight up, what it does is it Burns that image in your mind, and it basically puts a huge plant of succeeding in these goals. They have to be genuine, though, and don't be afraid to be lofty. So no goal is considered outlandish or too high to achieve. In fact, step outside your comfort zone. I want to make $125,000 in 2022 or 150,000 in 2023. Write it down again. The list of three months, six months, twelve months and five year goals is so important to identify both the short and long term personal goals as well as professional. It's super important. I want to be in management in a year or I want to be heading up my own franchise in five years. These are really important to write down. So with each goal list the actions you need to take to get there. I can't tell you how important it is to make a list of daily and weekly actions that you have to write down to achieve hitting that three months old. So I used to have this thing in the radio business that I basically made a rule for myself. I have to call ten new clients to book two appointments every single day. And let me tell you something, when I first got into the radio business, it took me 20 phone calls to get those two appointments because I was new and I didn't know what I was doing and I didn't know the questions to ask. And so after that process, at the end of my career, literally, it took me four phone calls to make two appointments every day. And you book your appointments. And appointments mean getting in front of people. And getting in front of people means making relationships. And making relationships mean closing a business. And anyway, I use those types of strategies all the time. In my current real estate business, getting in front of people is super important. And now I am fortunate to have in our real estate business, Kelly and I Kelly Poppovitch is a mentor as well. But she is my business partner. She is a dear friend of mine, almost a sister. And we seriously are blessed because I say about 90% of our business happens to be a referral, which basically we're reaching out to people on pretty much a daily basis and saying, hey, if you know of anyone that needs our help in the real estate business, we don't Hound people, but referrals we rely on in a big way. And I know that there's a lot of business out there that generate off of referrals. So make sure that those small actions are noted and part of your daily regimen. And again, select someone who you would trust sharing this information. Because let me tell you something, when you do that, it makes your goal setting valid and accountable. It's somebody that you trust. Now, you may have a different person for the personal goals as well as for your professional goals. You may have someone that you trust to share that with, but put those goals into action by doing that and sharing. And again, if you don't trust anyone, share it with yourself. Put these things down, put them in an envelope, send them to yourself, open them up and put them in a file somewhere and occasionally look at those goals on maybe even on a monthly basis to solidify what you are doing here. So I put a couple of examples in the workbook just to show you how that drill down really work. So your personal goals, you want to lose £20. So how are you going to do that? Okay. And maybe you give yourself a year to lose £20, which is definitely doable, but you have to be diligent about it and you've got to do the work. And so for me, I told myself I was going to walk 2 miles every other day. I have Huskies and they demand that I walk them anyway. So they helped me out there and then I wanted to hike with the dogs at least once a week. A good hike, maybe 4 miles up and down Hills and such. Avoid. Avoid high fat foods. That makes sense. And then I also because I'm getting up there and I don't work at a gym. I've joined so many gyms that I've just given them my money. I'm not a gym person, I'm more of an outdoor person. But I wanted to work out with resistance bands and weights in my home twice a week. So these are just like the drill down of losing that £20 doable. Right. So another one of my personal goals was to take some sort of a short or long trip once a month. And believe it or not, last year was incredible. I took so many trips I can't even count because I had written this down. So grab a planner and start planning the year. My husband travels quite a bit and I am able to travel with him. Part of my professional goal was to be able to be an independent contractor to the point where I could make my own schedule and travel with him when he does do his business travel. And so I've been able to do that. Identify the places that I want to go. Tahoe, Mexico, camping, girls, trip. Guess what? I did them all. I did them all in 2021. And it's funny how when you write these things down and then you look back on your Earth, incredible how things manifest. And then I wanted to make a new craft once a month. Now, it's funny because last year I started a business by default because my husband built a little crafting. He took a container and did a build out of a container that is absolutely amazing, with an observation deck on the top, which is stunning. And then on the inside, built out with a craft room for myself on one side, and then he has storage and we park a side by side in the other. Well, let me tell you something, ladies. I started a business called north 40 Creations and started blinging out skulls, horns, and believe it or not, I've sold a few. I started an SC account. As you can see on this workbook. I did that. I uploaded previous projects and photos and I generated orders. I did exactly what I put down on paper. Now, that was actually, I think one of my favorite accomplishments of last year was because actually I did it. And I put away my fear of trying to be creative and I didn't care what other people thought of my creations. And guess what? They love my creations. It's just so fulfilling. And anyway, it makes me feel really good. My professional goals sell $5 million in real estate in 2021. Now, I don't know exactly. I think that we definitely got there. I haven't really done my numbers because a lot of the sales that we did do, Kelly and I, weren't recorded under our real estate numbers because they were for other brokerages. And the one thing I want to do better this year is call eight to ten people every day. Didn't quite get there. But guess what? Everything is a work in progress. Go to broker opens at least twice a month. I do believe that we accomplish that network and learn more about my market daily. I do that. I definitely do that. Try to be a good resource for my clients, a good resource for the public. I post and so does Kelly. Post pretty much weekly updates on what the market is doing because it's so hot here in Phoenix as far as the market climate. And so we do that. And social media posts and updates definitely have been very forthcoming in that basically how we met our cofounder, K. O'brien. Who is phenomenal by the way. She handles all of our social media and has developed our brand new Smart Women's Series Global website. And I want to give kudos to her because she's freaking phenomenal. I love her to death. And anybody out there, if you need an amazing digital brain, it has got to be K. O'brien. And hence she is leading our group in all of our digital efforts and much more. We've got a couple of blogs that she's done this far and podcasts. And anyway, be sure to listen to those because she is a wealth of knowledge. So did that. Hello, take Smart Women Series. It was USA, but now we're global to the next level. We're doing it. We are doing it. Aren't we, Kay? Aren't we, Kelly with my new partners. I am so excited because we plan on doing exactly what we've listed here. Video classes, newsletter, social networking strategies. We are in the market for sponsors for those people who want to advertise their businesses in a very unique and progressive way. Smart Women Series Global is actively looking for sponsors and plan out our online calendar events for this next year. Now, we've had some setbacks. As you all know, Smart Women's Series USA started out as an event company, but because of COVID, that took the rug underneath us out and we have had to shift. Pivoting is good. I mean, everybody has to Pivot. And anyway, we are finding our way. And hence any suggestions by ladies out there that have ideas for this group? We are looking for your input. Anyway. Start a real estate investment business. Consult with the development team for website development and logo. Spend an hour a day on this project and develop promotional materials. I did roll out an Airbnb and VRBO property and it was hugely successful so I did accomplish this goal last year but we ended up selling the property and we made a very good amount on that property but the bottom line is this it was accomplished and I'm proud to say that I'd say 70% of everything I wrote down this last year got a nice little check Mark right next to it so my takeaway or your takeaway hopefully is to follow this and even tweak it yourself to make it your own ownership but this is a guideline that you can use year to year and I am religious about doing this right before the end of the year every year and I sent it to a personal friend of mine or a mentor and get their input on it and seriously they don't really make me accountable. I do but I know that somebody's eyes have been on it and just making the list of what you want you will totally build your life with this process and I guarantee you the Sky's a limit and there is nothing that will hold you back. You may have some setbacks but guess what? Setbacks are only taught to make you step up a little bit more. Anyway, I greatly appreciate your time in listening to this with smart women series global podcast and I wish you'd you all an amazing year and you know that you can reach out to me at to ask any questions. You can also reach me on my phone please just go to the SmartWoman series global website and I'm happy to help in your professional and personal goals for the year of 2022 and I thank you so much please look for the link above for the workbook and here is to an amazing 2022 with smart women series global you.

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